We enable the Director and DP to develop unique and sophisticated looks on set and pass these on to our colorists and finishing artists to ensure that the creative vision is communicated throughout post and onto the screen.

Our artists work one-on-one with clients to develop a refined final look for each project that is built on the filmmakers’ creative intentions.

Bunte Farben [German for Colorful Colors] was founded in 2011 by cinematographer Florian Stadler and filmmaker and DIT Stephen Latty. As a cinematographer, Florian's goal was to retain creative influence over the final image, so they learned how to use Da Vinci Resolve, built their first DIT cart, landed an Amazon show to color and finish, and Bunte Farben was born.

Bunte Farben is a collaboration of filmmakers, cinematographers, colorists and finishing artists.

Our pioneering color management workflow accurately maintains color decisions 'end-to-end' down the post-production pipeline: From on-set graded dailies to color grading at our boutique studio to final deliverables.

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