Color Grading

Collaborate with our color artists in one of our custom-built 4K color suites in Echo Park on LA's Eastside and see your vision come to live. Our HDR grading suite offers theater-style seating for up to 10, and our second suite seats up to 6. We are one of the few boutique facilities with both a Sony X-300 HDR grading monitor and two of Panasonic's latest 4K HDR 64” OLED client monitors, in addtion to our customized DaVinci Resolve system.

DIT/ On-Set Color Grading

Bunte Farben was one of the first providers of an integrated color workflow based on out of our custom sprinter van with integrated or mobile DIT carts. Our experienced DITs work in the most demanding locations to deliver beautifully graded transcoded dailies and reliably backed up data.


Workflow and Deliverables

Our pioneering workflow allows us to seamlessly manage image integrity and file safety from dailies to conforms to grading to all final deliverables, including HDR deliverables, encrypted DCPs, DCDMs, 4K UHD ProRes QTs and anything else you might need for theatrical and streaming distribution.


Our VFX artists not only fix anything that wasn’t supposed to be in a shot, but can also generate complex screen replacements, 3D signage, create wounds and blood and make beauty improvements. We offer very competitive rates and will save you a lot of time by integrating VFX work into our streamlined color management workflow.

Remote Grading

Partnering with color facilities in the US and internationally, clients can work remotely with our colorists or use our our system and studio to grade with their favorite colorist in another location.  For example, we partner with Slaughterhouse, a leading post-production company in Germany, allowing an LA-based director to grade with his colorist in Germany, and Lucky Airlines in Detroit, whose creative directors and producers watch our colorists grade from their own suite in the Motor City.

Monitor Calibration

Our expertly trained monitor calibration specialist can calibrate your color grading monitors at our studio or on your set. Using a SpectraCal probe and software, we can inexpensively get your monitor calibrated perfectly.